22 September 2013

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Posted By: Aditya Wahyu - 16:53
License  Freeware / FREE
Size / OS  5.3 MB / Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2008
Last Updated  September 19th, 2013
Download Here  Auslogics Disk Defrag

maintenanceAuslogics Disk Defrag dirancang untuk cepat optimasi dari hari modern hard disk. Mendapatkan performa maksimal dari investasi perangkat keras yang mahal.
Dapatkan kinerja terbaik dari investasi perangkat keras yang mahal Anda, meningkatkan kinerja PC Anda dan stabilitas.

Fragmentasi disk mengarah ke sistem slowdowns, PC crash, lambat startup dan shutdown dan kadang-kadang kegagalan sistem.

Hard disk yang jauh komponen yang paling lambat di komputer Anda. CPU dan memori bekerja jauh lebih cepat daripada hard disk karena mereka tidak memiliki bagian yang bergerak.

Selain menimbulkan slowdowns, fragmentasi membuat harddisk disk kepala bergerak sering ketika membaca file yang membawa beku-up dan sistem crash. Hal ini penting untuk menjaga Anda disk defragmented dan dioptimalkan sebanyak mungkin.
Berikut adalah beberapa fitur kunci dari "Auslogics Disk Defrag":

Meningkatkan kinerja komputer dan stabilitas
Meningkatkan produktivitas Anda - tidak ada lagi menunggu untuk file untuk membuka
Defragmentasi disk hanya dalam beberapa menit
Peta fragmentasi disk berguna dan laporan rinci fragmentasi
Persyaratan :

Pentium Proccessor
25 MB ruang hard disk
Deskripsi update software from AusLogics Inc :

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free - Version History (20/09/2013)
significantly improved program stability (29/07/2013)
improved program interface
enhanced general program usability
fixed all known bugs (14/12/2012)
corrected all known bugs
corrected errors in language files (12/10/2012)
fixed an issue when Disk Defrag finds wrong junk files on System Health page
fixed some rare issues under Windows Vista (17/08/2012)
Added full support for all Windows 8 versions, including Windows 8 Release Preview
Installer optimized for Windows 8
Made numerous improvements to all program modules
Corrected all known bugs
Corrected errors in language files (16/05/2012)
Added free space availability check before creating Rescue Center backups. If there is not enough free space on a disk, user has the option to abort the operation or proceed without creating a backup.
Fixed memory leaks, optimized code and algorithms, which improved the speed of practically every tool in the program.
All modules that work with hard drives were optimized to correctly process large data volumes, namely the Rescue Center will now correctly create and restore backups larger than 2 GB.
Made numerous corrections to language files.
Made numerous changes to modules’ interface to make them more convenient and easier to work with.
Improved reports and operation results display in response to user feedback. Now this information is easier to understand.
Added partial Windows 8 compatibility. Full compatibility will be implemented in BoostSpeed version 5.4
Improved algorithm of automatic SSD detection. This allows for more exact SSD detection and for automatic enabling of a special defrag algorithm for SSD’s.
Modified algorithm for system resource usage limitation, which improved overall stability of program operation.
Corrected all known bugs.
Corrected installer errors, optimized program installation and uninstallation. (10/04/2012)
improved stability
improved defragmentation speed
corrected a bug-catching subsystem
fixed all known bugs (22/02/2012)
fixed bugs (01/11/2011)
re-enabled an option to change computer idle time before starting autodefragmentation
fixed form positioning bug that occurred when a user disabled additional monitors
improved stability
fixed bugs (11/05/2011)
updated localization files: translated new strings and corrected mistakes
fixed an issue causing the "Out of Memory" error when viewing the "Files" tab
improved report appearance and optimized its generation process
fixed an issue that caused random program shut downs when stopping defragmentation process
improved Windows Explorer integration
fixed minor bugs (08/04/2011)
added new drive map display style - bars
added an option to display access zones on the drive map
added an option to view files located in selected blocks on the drive map
added more detailed drive map clues
combined scheduler and auto defragmentation in order to make performing auto defragmentation tasks easier
now the program decides how to work with several disks simultaneously
numerous GUI improvements for ease of use
added an option to lock the program when computer is using battery power
now the program displays file location on the drive map upon launch
improved single file or folder defragmentation
optimized defragmentation and consolidation algorithms
improved installer, added automatic program unload when reinstalling or uninstalling the program (14/12/2010)
added new languages
fixed all known bugs
corrected localization mistakes
improved installer (21/10/2010)
added new languages
improved speed of all program components
improved stability
fixed all known bugs (06/09/2010)
various interface fixes
fixed all known compatibility problems
improved general speed
improved stability and reliability of all algorithms
fixed all known bugs
updated localizations
improved installer (02/06/2010)
improved defragmentation speed
faster optimization algorithm
fixed bugs
added new languages
updated languages
improved Installer (30/03/2010)
added VSS mode support, a special defragmentation mode that is optimized for volumes with enabled Shadow Copy mode (VSS). This mode minimizes the increase of VSS storage space caused by moving files and diminishes the risk of overwriting old VSS copies
improved consolidation algorithm when moving system files. Now the program does not move files that have no effect on computer speed
improved program operation when there are too many fragmented files on the disk
fixed bugs
improved program interface (10/03/2010)
faster optimization algorithm
improved Move System Files option
fixed bugs that caused random program shut downs
improved Windows Classic theme support
improved Installer (11/12/2009)
added new languages
improved program appearance
fixed bugs
improved installer (02/12/2009)
added an option to exclude SSD disks from the defragmentation process
added an option to check disks for errors
corrected mistakes in language files
improved file lists functionality
fixed bugs (12/11/2009)
improved processing of files blocked by the system (e.g. system restore points)
added new colour to the map = unmovable files
fixed a compaction algorithm bug that moved files into the MFT zone when there wasn't enough disk space
tuned up colour theme colours - now they match better
improved tray program operation
simplified program interface
improved program installer, fixed a bug that caused incorrect installation of a new version over an older version
corrected mistakes in language files (05/11/2009)
added new languages: German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Korean
added an option to disable simultaneous checking of all the disks at once to reduce system recourses usage
significantly improved interaction with the Windows Task Scheduler
defragmentation algorithm improved for faster defragmentation of highly fragmented disks with low free space available
improved MFT handling on NTFS drives
fixed memory leaks and exceptions
fixed errors in language files (20/10/2009)
added a disk optimization mode which allows to consolidate free space by placing all files on the disk contiguously
added an ability of defragmenting all drives at once
added a capability of viewing the list of all the fragmented files and their clusters location on the disk
added a capability to move system files to the faster part of the disk; this significantly speeds up system boot and makes it running more stable
significantly improved automatic defragmentation mode
defragmentation speed increased by approximately 30-50%
added disk optimization commands to the console version of the program
added an option of minimizing the program into system tray
Disk Defrag can now be set to start automatically on Windows logon
improved exceptions list function. Fixed a bug that led to defragmentation slowdowns caused by a great number of files in the list
added a "Real Time Priority" mode that boosts defragmentation speed by using additional system resources
various minor improvements and optimizations (04/09/2009)
added new languages
fixed bugs
improved installers (04/08/2009)
This service pack fixes issues found in version 2.1 and improves program stability.
fixed a Disk Defrag bug causing it to hang on start up on some computers
fixed a Disk Defrag bug causing an error on program shutdown
added new languages (27/07/2009)
added background autodefragmentation
added an option to minimize the program into system tray
added Windows Explorer integration
added numerous new options and possibilities
corrected mistakes in the localization files
improved installers (20/06/2009)
added new interface languages: German, Dutch, Japanese
added an option to change disk map color
added new themes
the portable version is now available on the website or directly from this link
added an option to include only problem files in the report
added a new option to the console version of the program
added a real-time file defragmentation counter
added a total defragmentation progress
improved functionality with the computer reboot option
improved splitter functionality in the main program window
added skipped files information to the report window
fast disk analysis now takes into account user exceptions list
added MFT errors disk checkup
improved MFT table read, fixed a number of bugs that led to defragmentation interruption
improved very large disks defragmentation (from 1 TB)
optimized memory usage, now the program uses even less RAM
some minor improvements that make using the program even easier
fixed localization module bug. Now the program supports all interface languages
fixed errors in localization files
Version 2.0 beta (02/06/2009)
added the capability to defragment all drives at once
added the capability to analyze any disk
added full Unicode encoding support
defragmentation speed improved by 30%
added animated legend
added the option to shut down computer after defragmentation
added full 64 bit Windows 7 support
added full screen option
added exceptions list, that allows to skip all kinds of folders
added capability to skip files with large fragments
improved report, added status descriptions
added more console version commands
improved scheduler, added new start time setup options
improved defragmentation chart and report look
improved defragmentation chart behaviour, now it shows file locations more correctly
improved latest Windows 7 versions support
CPU usage during defragmentation decreased by 5% (normal CPU load)
improved external drives, USB devices, and SSD support
now defragmentation progress works correctly
fixed minor defragmentation algorithm bugs
fixed bugs that led to program freezes
fixed localization files
minor bug fixes
Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server are now supported
the code was significantly optimized with all components now working faster
standard window frames are now used, reducing the startup time of all components
the fragmentation map was improved in Disk Defrag
Disk Defrag will now work even on systems where other defragmentation tools hang
program setup and removal ere improved
various language file corrections were made
improved program interface
minor bug fixes
added an ability to schedule defragmentation
fixed a bug leading to the program being slow
minor bug fixes
added a console utility that lets schedule disk defragmentation
added single folder or file defragmentation
improved program interface, as well as the chart and disk data display on first page
improved defragmentation algorithm; now the program speed has increased by approximately 5%
eliminated program freezes occurring after pausing the program
added SafeBoot program support
fixed bugs leading to program freezes
fixed BSOD for computers that have Kaspersky Internet Security installed
improved report appearance
various minor improvements
now the program loads faster
fixed shared modules errors
improved the last page of Disk Defrag Wizard
now the program works correctly with files ownership rights
fixed Help links
fixed a bug which didn't allow to open the company's web-site from the application
fixed shared libraries
fixed the German version
the program is now digitally signed
shared modules bug fixes
adds an integration with BoostSpeed
improves the setup process
fixes bugs
improves an installation
fixes bugs
improves an installation
fixes bugs
fixes bugs
fixes bugs
fixes links
now works correctly with removable disk drives
adds indication of the disk type (local / removable / etc.)
language corrections in the Settings dialog
improves Auslogics bug reporting
fixes popup hints
improves the program stability
adds support for removable drives, memory cards and USB flash disks
speeds up and refreshes disk drive list on the first page
fixes incorrect display of file names containing "&" character
improves program stability
fixes installer issues with Windows Vista
further reduces the program size for faster download
adds a new feature: ability to remove temporary files before defragmentation
adds a new feature: ability to set the resource usage (low, normal, high)
improves disk defragmentation speed
improves GUI design and fixes Windows Vista fonts
improves disk fragmentation map
various bug fixes and optimizations
improves defragmentation algorithm, the program now does not skip the locked files
adds support for Windows Vista/XP virtual files
defragmentation progress is now more precise for Windows Vista
improves disk map hints
optimizes code, reduces memory footprint
minor bug fixes
improves user interface
fixes a few problems in a program
fixes a few issues in the program
improves the application's memory usage
fixes and improves shared modules
fixes a few problems in language resources
improved unicode file support
fixed an issue causing problems when scanning unicode files
fixed an issue causing an error when disks were locked
improves stability, a number of minor fixes
defragmentation speed increased by 15-20%
lowered CPU and memory usage
added Windows Vista support (Beta, RC1, RC2, release and 64-bit edition)
defragmentation algorithm improvements: locked and system files can now be defragmented
reporting system improvements

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